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Monthly Archives: September 2015

Crapital OneTo save you a couple minutes of reading time, here’s the synopsis: if you’re a small business owner on the market for a credit card, don’t get anything from Capital One. If you do, it will become a revolving account on your personal credit report — and you do¬†not want that to happen.

As for the details… one of the cool things about having a business is that you can get it its own credit cards and stuff. These will not show up as revolving accounts on your personal credit report unless you go delinquent or something. I got one of my companies an American Express and it behaved properly (never showing up on my personal credit report), so I expected that when I got us a Capital One Spark Visa, it’d be business as usual.

It was not. Capital One reported the Spark Visa to the credit bureaus on my personal credit report, and my score promptly took a beating. I disputed the report with one of the bureaus, but they said it was accurate according to Capital One. I called Capital One and they confirmed that it is their company policy to put all cards — even those specifically for businesses — on personal credit reports. This is completely unacceptable, and I’ve already begun the process of moving to a new business Visa with another bank.