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Ready to download and install Visual Studio 2013? If you’re like me, you’ll want to clean things up first so you don’t have side-by-side installations… that’s right, it’s time to uninstall Visual Studio 2012 and as many of its buddies as possible. Of course this does mean you’ll lose a lot of your preferences, but hey, you knew what you were signing up for.

Frustratingly, Microsoft’s developer tools always leave a damn mess behind. I guess we’ll have to settle for mounting the VS 2012 iso and running this command:

…though I suppose the executable may have a different name depending on your edition of VS. Anyway, that’s as close to a one-stop-shop we’re going to get for clearing out VS 2012. You’ll still have to uninstall a few things manually, potentially delete the directory from Program Files (x86), and so on.

Chuck Norris ApprovesI’ve only used VS 2013 for a few minutes but I’m already very intrigued by this CodeLens thing. It’s a little distracting because it bumps the actual lines of code around to make room for its helpful little bits, but I’m thinking the trade-off may be worth it. I’m also enjoying the tiny bit of extra color Microsoft’s thrown back into the icons here and there. Thanks, dudes.

Another thing that is relevant to my interests regarding this upgrade is the move from MVC 4 & Web API to MVC 5 & Web API 2, since I have several projects using the former architecture. Luckily, there’s a nice walkthrough to help make that happen.

Don’t forget to cruise through all your *.sln files and change this bit at the top:

…to this:

…so they get the nifty new 12 icon (as opposed to the old 11 icon! so last year!).

Unfortunately, two of my favorite things didn’t get the memo and aren’t compatible with VS 2013 yet: the Productivity Power Tools extension, and StyleCop. Hurry it up, you are sorely missed!