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Down the Rabbit HoleSome of my time is spent supporting an aging home-grown CRM. It’s not particularly user-friendly and sometimes the error messages it produces are rather cryptic, but it gets the job done.

Today, one of its users told me he couldn’t pull up a certain ticket, so I tried to pull up the same ticket and successfully reproduced the error. Looked like a pretty run-of-the-mill bug so far, though I had to wonder how something that’s been working fine for months (and has had no recent code or database changes) suddenly stopped working.

About an hour later, I was pretty far down the rabbit hole trying to get as much of the ticket page to load as I could. I eventually narrowed the problem down to the query that selects the tickets, but noticed something strange: when I selected all tickets, it worked. When I tried to select only the ticket ID the user wanted… no rows. Upon closer inspection, I realized the user had given me a bogus ticket ID, one much larger than the largest ticket ID in the system so far.

I know that was 30 seconds you can’t get back, but hey — now there’s no way you’ll ever spend an hour of your own life on such a thing.